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Wind Power -a clean and economic energy source for residential homes ?

Wind power systems provide a great way for the average homeowner to generate some free electricity for their home. This electricity can help really help them reduce their monthly utility bills, as well as helping the planet by implementing a green solution for their energy needs. The wind is one of the two main renewable and passive energy sources available to most homeowners and it has several advantages when compared to solar power systems.

Unlike solar power systems, the wind can provide a more consistent and reliable source of power for your home. It isn't impacted by weather and can operate around the clock as long as a breeze is blowing. Solar power needs to have a strong and consistent amount of sunlight to be productive, and even on the clearest of days sunlight is only available for less than half of the day.

This means that your expensive solar power system is sitting on the roof, inactive for large portions of the day. A wind turbine may produce less power than a solar panel array, but it can produce it more consistently throughout the day and this will make up for some of the shortfall.

Wind power for homes can be very economical

Adventages of a Wind Powered Home wind powered home

Wind power for homes is also very economical when compared to other forms of alternative energy. In most cases a homeowner can install 8-10 wind turbines for the average cost of a solar panel system for their home. These modern wind turbines are smaller than in years past and can produce a sizeable amount of power from even a moderate wind. They are also easy to install and several models of these newer wind turbines can even be mounted right to a homes roof. This helps the homeowner eliminate the expense and problems associated with installing a large tower that would have been required for earlier versions of wind turbines. It also makes it easier to service the wind turbine if needed.

There have also been a lot of improvements in recent years to the wind turbines themselves, which makes wind power for homes an even more attractive investment. These innovations make these modern wind turbines smaller, lighter and more efficient than models available even a few short years ago. This means that wind energy at home will be less expensive to install and provide an even larger amount of power from an average wind. Blade materials, generator improvements and innovative designs all contribute to the improved efficiency of these modern wind powered home systems.

A wind powered home can be an inspiration to others to use eco-friendly energy sources

Another less obvious advantage to the wind powered home is that the wind turbine is a very visible reminder that a homeowner is concerned about the negative effects that burning fossil fuels has on our environment. When neighbors see a wind turbine spinning in the breeze, they know that homeowner is taking steps to help convert some of their homes electricity needs from typically dirty power to clean and renewable alternatives. This can be an inspiration to other homeowners in the area to investigate using wind energy at home as well and help them save money each month in the process.

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