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Advantages of combined solar and wind energy technologies

Both solar power and wind turbine energy production can help lower your monthly electricity bills by allowing you to generate your own power. These technologies have improved tremendously in recent years and are easily installed on most homes for a reasonable cost, and will start saving you money immediately.

Using both of these solar wind energy systems together can even save you more money and they actually compliment each other very well.

Solar heat power combined with wind turbine electricity Solar heat combined with wind turbine electricity

Solar power systems are normally used to generate electricity from the sun. One other system that uses solar power is a solar heating system that can be used for the water in your home. This system consists of a small solar collector that sits on your roof, and the hot water pipes from your home are routed through this collector. The water passing through the solar heat power collector it is warmed by the sun before returning to your home for use. Using this solar heat power to warm your water can save you a lot of money each month in electricity or natural gas reductions.

The other solar power system that many homeowners use is one that will generate electricity from sunlight. This solar power system utilizes a series of solar panels that are mounted on your roof and will produce a DC current when the sun is shinning. The DC current from all of these solar panels is routed to a device called an inverter that converts it to AC current that can be used by your home. The inverter also takes responsibility for switching your home between power being generated by these solar panels, and local utility provided power when the sun has set.

The intention is to generate more power then you need during the day, and have this excess power sent back up the lines to the local utility to generate a credit for you. Then when you need to buy power during the evenings, the credit for power you have generated will offset the cost of buying power when you need it. If the solar power system is properly sized, these two should be about equal. The advantage to solar power systems is that they can generate a lot of power when the sun is shining. The challenge is that the sun is only shinning for about half of the day, and even less on rainy days. This means that you can only generate electricity for less than half of the time you need it.

Wind turbines can operate day and night

A wind turbine system can operate day and night as long as a breeze is blowing. Wind turbine electricity is a great way to augment a solar power system and ensure that you can generate additional power when the sun isn't shining. This wind turbine electricity can be run through the same inverter that is being used for a solar power system and makes it easy to take advantage of the additional power. Using a wind power system actually compliments a solar power system very well and this wind turbine electricity can be used by your home whenever it's needed. Smart homeowners will install all three types of systems on their homes, and take advantage of solar heat power and wind power to eliminate their electricity bills.

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Combination of Solar and Wind Energy Technologies