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Homemade wind turbines can power electronic devices indoors and outdoors

With all of the innovation in the field of alternative energy, DIY wind power is fast becoming a viable solution for many homes. Homemade wind turbines allow the average homeowner to generate quite a bit of their own electricity each month from the wind, and use this power to lower their utility bills.

Do It Yourself Wind Power Solutions

Large-scale commercial wind turbines have been used by utility companies for years to help them supply power to their customers. These larger wind turbines require massive amounts of wind to get them spinning and most of them are located in costal or mountain areas that are a natural location for strong and consistent winds.

In recent years that has been a renewed interest in homemade wind turbines that will allow a residential customer to apply the same principles on a smaller scale for their home.

There is a lot of information on the internet that can teach you how to build a wind turbine, and you have a choice of building it from scratch or buying a kit and assembling it yourself. You also have the option of purchasing a fully assembled wind turbine, but these are a lot more expensive than building your own diy-wind-power system from scratch. If you decide to build one of these homemade wind turbines from a kit, it makes the project much easier since all of the necessary components are already selected for you. This type of project requires about a weekends worth of work and will result in a fully assembled wind turbine that you can mount on your home and enjoy the free power it provides.

Building one of these homemade wind turbines from scratch takes a little more work and research, but can save you quite a bit of money over either the kit, or the fully assembled wind turbine. To build a wind turbine from scratch, you basically need to find and assemble three major components, the blades, rotor and generator.

How to build a wind turbine from scratch ?

Homemade wind turbines homemade wind turbines

The blades are the first thing you need to either build or buy for your diy-wind-power project. Even though these blades are fairly easy to build from scratch, it can take a bit of effort to get them balanced, and are never as efficient as blades that you can buy online. Many homeowners that decide to build one of these homemade wind turbines will buy the blades online and build everything else themselves.

Once you have the blades sorted out, the next thing you need to get is the generator. These can easily be found for very little money at a junkyard or surplus parts store and you need to try and find one that will give you a good amount of current with a fairly low RPM. This will allow you to connect the blades and shaft from the rotor directly to the generator without the need for a gearbox in between. This simplifies the build and makes the wind turbine more reliable.

Once you have the blades and the generator, you simply need to assemble them into a working turbine. You will need to build a platform to hold the components and this platform needs to be able to rotate on its mounting to orient the turbine into the wind. This can be accomplished by mounting a small vertical tailfin on the platform that will catch the wind and spin the platform as needed.

The next step is to mount the blades and rotor onto the platform and then mount the generator and connect the two assemblies. Be careful to observe the direction of rotation on the generator and ensure that the blades are installed to spin the rotor the correct direction. Once you have all of the components mounted, you are ready to mount your diy-power-system in the wind and put the free power it provides to use in your home.

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